One day at Batu Caves – Kuala Lumpur

IMG_20150625_095509_HDRBatu Caves is a popular place for tourists located in Selangor, Kuala Lumpur. It is a hill that has caves and Hindu temples. Its main attraction is the huge statue of Lord Murugan. You can see it even before you reach Batu Caves itself.

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HOW to go?

It was the second time for me to go there, on October 2015 with my colleagues. The first time I visited Batu Caves was in June 2015 with my family. There are few ways to get to Batu Caves :

  1. By Taxi / Car

If you’re traveling with family or big groups and you need to rush the time, taxi / car is the best option. The first time I went there was from Genting Highlands and the second time I went there was also by taxi from Bukit Bintang – Kuala Lumpur. I stayed at Soleil (ex Radius) Hotel at Bukit Bintang and it costed RM40 – around US$10 to get to Batu Caves. I think it is not expensive because it needs around 30-40 minutes to reach Batu Caves and there were 5 of us, so if you divide the price, it was worth it.

  1. By Train

If you’re not in the rush, you can take monorail and train. I never tried this before but I read and asked lots of people about how to get to Batu Caves by train. If you stay at Bukit Bintang, you need to walk straight to the monorail station and take Bukit Bintang Monorail to KL Sentral then you have to change to KTM Komuter from KL Sentral to Batu Caves. It costs around RM2 for one person. Very cheap rite? Maybe I will try this on my next visit.

WHEN is the Perfect Time to go?

Most people usually  go to Batu Caves in the morning because the weather is good. But I think it’s okay to go in the afternoon as long as it is not very sunny. The first time I went there was in the morning, and the weather was perfectly good. The second time I went there was in the afternoon around 2 p.m. Luckily it was not sunny and a bit windy. So, I think there’s no perfect time to go. As long as you feel okay, then just go with it. But if you want to explore the whole place, I may say morning is your best time to go.

WHAT to do?

  1. Take pictures!

Well, it’s a number #1 must do thing when you reach Batu Caves, especially if you are a photo freak like me :p

You HAVE TO take pictures in the entrance, in front of the huge statue of Lord Murugan, and also with the pigeons! You also can take pictures with the Hanoman Statue on the left side before entrance.

batu caves

  1. Climb to the cave

If it’s your first time coming to Batu Caves, you sure have to go up and climb to the cave. It takes 272 steps to get inside the cave but believe me, it was totally worth it! If you continue to climb the steps, it will take you about 20 minutes then you can get there.

  1. Pray?

When you arrived at the cave, you have to take some more steps to reach the temple. There are two temples in the cave. For you foreigners and tourists who want to pray there, I suggest you to go to the second temple coz I think that the first temple is only for Hindu people (pls correct me if I’m wrong).


  1. Enjoy the view


WHAT to wear?

For you who wants to come here, I suggest you to wear as comfortable shirt as you can. And for you ladies, wear clothes that cover your knees and shoulders. If you wear short skirt / pant, you have to rent a sarung to cover your thighs and legs and then you have to pay extra RM2 or RM3 (kinda forget).

Extra tips :

  • Even though it’s okay to visit Batu Caves in the morning and afternoon, but don’t go there over 4 p.m because the sky is getting dark and you won’t be able to snap the good pics and it will be very dark inside the cave.
  • Watch out for the monkeys! Don’t bring any drinks/ snacks in your hands when you want to take the steps to go inside the cave. The monkeys can grab them from your hands. It is safe if you put your drinks/ snacks inside your bag. And the monkeys won’t go for your cameras or phones so don’t worry about it.

Do you have other stories or tips about this place? If you do, please do not hesitate share with me! ^^

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