Lady M – Singapore

Location : Orchard Central, One Fullerton, Westgate, Singapore

Rate : 8/10

Have you ever heard of Lady M? Most of dessert lovers will know about its famous Mille Crêpe cake. Its signature cake Lady M Mille Crêpes, features no less than twenty paper-thin handmade crêpes layered with ethereal light pastry cream, gently caramelized on top until golden. (

A friend of mine recommended this place to me. He said that if I come to Singapore, this Lady M is a must try! So when I went there on October 2015, I decided to try the Mille Crêpe cake. My friend and I were walking along Marina Bay and accidentally found the LadyM store located in One Fullerton and decided to stop there. But sadly the signature cakes were finished, so my friend finally brought me to LadyM store located in Orchard Central Shopping Mall. When we arrived there, the q is so long and surely I couldn’t wait because it’s quite late, maybe around 8.30 p.m. if we joined the q, probably have to wait for one hour or more. That’s crazy! So I decided to do take away. If you want to eat there, you have to q at the second floor and if you want to do take away, you can go to the first floor (pls correct me if I’m wrong). Then I finally get my cakes! I decided to buy a piece of Vanilla Mille Crêpe cake and a piece of Green Tea Mille Crêpe cake since I couldn’t decide which one should I try and since my friend told me that both of those flavors are the most favorite in Lady M.

The cakes had lots of layers yes, that was only for the Crêpe one. But, after eating the cakes.. Sadly, the cakes weren’t as good as I thought. The cakes were too sweet and creamy, and also pricey! Haha the price was SGD 9.50 per piece so it’s around 95k in Rupiah! and I said it wasn’t worth it after I had tasted it. Sorry LadyM! BUT, the texture somehow was superb cos the cake was very soft and both the Crêpe and the cream could melt inside your mouth.

*sorry for the bad quality picture :’D


Vanilla or Green Tea Mille Crêpe tasted better?

Although I’m a Vanilla lover, but for this Mille Crêpe I have to choose Green Tea one cos the green tea smelled better. You can taste a very thick green tea on your tongue so I should recommend this taste rather than the vanilla one.

If you’re a fan of the sweet and creamy desserts, sure Lady M is the best choice for you! But if you’re not, I think it’s never wrong too wrong to try it at least once! LOL


If you plan to eat at the restaurant, you have to come earlier especially on weekends because if you don’t, most of the cakes will be finished and maybe you have to q for a long time just to eat there. Anyway, it’s also based on your luck. Some of my friends said that it’s better if you eat the cakes there rather than take away. So, good luck for you who wants to try the famous Lady M’s cakes and for you who’ve tried it, what’s your favorite flavor?