The Iconic Merlion Park

Location : One Fullerton, Singapore

Rate : 10/10

Merlion is a landmark of Singapore – Singapore’s national icon, and the major tourist attaction located near the Central Business District. It’s a half-fish and half-lion statue – the head of a lion and the body of a fish, situated at the mouth of Singapore River. This is one of the most favorite spot for everyone especially tourists to pose and snap pictures.
1451873651671Most people will say “If you haven’t snapped a picture with the Merlion, means you never really come to Singapore!” hahaa.. Is it true?

I have been to this place for a few times and still find it beautiful. It’s beautiful at daytime or nightime. If you come on peak season, sure you will squeeze with lots of tourists.

So, what can you do here?

  1. Snap pictures – Oh, this is a MUST. Snap as many pictures as you can with lots of creative poses.
  2. Enjoy the View – Everything around here is worth to see. Marina Bay Sands, Esplanade theatre, Waterfront Promenade, or the Merlion itself. It will be nicer at nighttime if you want to feel the vibe.
  3. Eat at nearby restaurant – There’re quite lots of restaurant around the Merlion Park. You can sit there, enjoy your dine and at the same time you can enjoy the viber around Merlion too. It’s fabulous!

Been here before? What things do you like to do when you visit this place?


Traveling with Jetstar Asia

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You can

Good Luck! Because You Can.