It started from an itch..

When I looked at it, I thought it was allergy. Yeah everyone thinks the same too. But, I never had any kind of allergy in my whole life. Not that I know of. I have eaten a lot of things, included the weird one and I’m always okay.

May 26th, 2016
I arrived SG in the afternoon from Batam and checked in to a hostel located in Bugis area. After I put my stuff, I went out to find some fresh air and went back to hostel around 11+pm. I took a bath and slept.

May 27th, 2016
Woke up in the morning and had my breakfast. Fetched my guests at Changi Airport at 3pm then we traveled to Marina Bay and checked in to a hotel at Aljunied. When I wanted to take a bath, that was when I started to feel the itch on my back. At first I thought it was mosquito bite or something. I bathed warm water and went to sleep.

May 28th, 2016
Woke up early in the morning and was shocked! I felt itchy and I could see all red marks on my body, including my face. I had to cover my eyes with sunglasses and wore a hat. It was a super tough day cos I had to bring my guests around. I felt so uncomfy the whole day. I took Clarityn as the pharmacist at guardian suggested, but it’s totally not working on me. My bf bought some cream for me too (Mopiko and an anti fungi cream) but they’re not working on me too. Mopiko only gave the skin some cool feelings for less than a minute then it started to itch again. Back to hotel and I bathed warm water before I went to sleep. Had to apply the cooling cream on all parts of my body and directly went to sleep after that.

May 29th, 2016
IMG20160529064042Woke up and felt so deeply terribly not good at all. I felt so so itchy till I couldn’t feel my own body. When I looked in the mirror, I thought I saw a monster. Yeah that bad. The red marks became worse and my face didn’t look like my face anymore. I just cannot hold the itch. One of my guest was so kind and she was around my mom age, suggested me to check myself to hospital. So, both of us took a cab to Tan Tock Seng Hospital (TTSH) where the hotel reception said was the nearest hospital from the hotel. Accompanied by my kind guest, we finally arrived at the hospital. After registered myself, we had breakfast then I got checked up. After some series of check up, the doctor said that I had to do some blood test and took an injection. So I laid down on my bed and the nurse pulled me. I was totally like a sick person. One of the nurse named Marina took my blood and she told me that the injection that she was going to give would make me feel uneasy and the feelings won’t be good, but I had to bear with it. I didn’t see she injected it, but I felt it. And that was super fast! Like about 3 seconds after the injection, I felt very uneasy. I felt dizzy and couldn’t see around. I felt like a drunk woman. My legs felt numb, also my left hand. The nurse moved me to observation room when I couldn’t do anything but rest and close my eyes. I felt so so sick that time and I cried. Like what happen to me and why it happen so fast like this. And sadly my guest had to leave to catch her flight, but not long time after that my bf came! (I’m still lucky hehe). He was so worried and didn’t even bath when coming to the hospital :’D
The injection was really strong and I also had slight fever so the nurse gave me two panadols. And what’s also so magic about the injection was, the red marks on my face and some parts of my body missing a bit, like instantly. Still itchy though but the injection made the itch stayed calm. That time I even couldn’t go to the toilet by myself. The nurse accompanied me, twice. Ugh I feel so so sick. But let you know, the doctor who handled me named dr Audrey was really kind. She was still young. All the nurses were very kind too. They really treated me with care, especially the one who gave me injection named Marina. Her name was so easy to rmb lol.

Did mention that I suppose to take flight back to Medan on the same day? Ah ya and that’s even more suck. I was thinking to cancel my flight back to Medan that day or just took later flight. It was 10 am and my lab result came clear. Nothing serious happened and the doctor told me it was “Urtikaria” and she said I was fit to travel and I was able to go back to Medan. I was still so weak and bf had to pull me using the wheelchair. I tried to walk after that. I had to. Slowly but safe, and yeah made my way back to Medan.

May 30th, 2016
Total bedrest at home. Still on my meds and my mom put some cooling powder on my body to make me feel shiok a bit. But..

May 31st, 2016
I didn’t get better. My parents decided to bring me to see the doctor. The doc gave me new meds and also an injection for my allergy and itch and I got better after that. I didn’t bath cos my parents said it was something similiar to “Hong Mok” (that’s how we called it in Chinese) means I may not touch water or kenna wind. Have to wear socks at home too.

June 1st, 2016
Woke up in the morning and still didn’t get any better. Parents suggested me to drink vitamin called “Tonikum Bayer” after breakfast and it actually made me worse at first. I felt more itch on my body and went to doctor, again. I was given injection, again, but..

June 2nd, 2016
IMG20160601162157I still didn’t get any better. I was so scared to see myself like that. I went to see another doctor again, and given another med and injection, again. Omg I was so tired and my left ass was actually hurt (till now) cos I had three injections on my ass already and still not getting any better. And my uncle told me that the vitamin that I took would make me feel and look worse for a while but it was actually healing. Erm okay..

June 3rd, 2016
Early in the morning after breakfast, I drank the vitamin again and took a rest. This sickness really made me felt so bad. But hey, not long after that, I felt better, gradually. The itch started to go away, a bit by a bit.

June 4th, 2016
Finally! I woke up without any itch at all! So happy because I will have trip to Bangkok with my family on June 6th and I thought I had to cancel it but I don’t have to! Thank you for all your prayers. I believe that’s one of the reason I am back to myself.

I think I do know why I got that itch. Remember I mentioned that I stayed at a hostel in Bugis area? Yea, I think it came from there. The hostel was dirty and the bed also very small. When I came, the kitchen was flooding and the staffs were cleaning it. Ugh so disturbing! The bed sheet looked so old and dusty till I had to slept on the blanket instead. I thought it started from bed bugs’ bite. I had stayed in few hostels but I can say that was the worst! Read some articles online to find out the cause of my itch and bed bugs was one of them. Also read some reviews about this hostel and some people actually had the same itch as mine after staying there. I wrote a bad review on TripAdvisor but they didn’t publish it. Maybe it was too harsh and mean. So, I won’t tell you the hostel name unless you asked me personally :p

Some tips :
Be careful of the place you are staying. If you have the time, read all the reviews about the place, yes, ALL. Not just from one website, but maybe from a few. Make sure that it’s a comfortable place for you to stay. Hygiene is the first. Small bed or rude staffs are still tolerable but when it comes to your health, you might want to think twice.

Tips for the itch:
– Eat medicine for itch /allergy. Yes, that’s probably one thing you should do first. It didn’t work on me but who knows it works on you?
– Apply cream to ‘cool’ your itch.
– My mom mix 白酒 (some kind of alcohol) together with prickly heat powder and applied it to my skin. It was nicer than the cream and very cooling. When I didn’t bath, I use the alcohol to wipe myself too.
– See a doctor. If you’re not getting any better, the best advice is to see a doctor. Take med and an injection will surely make you feel better. Don’t forget to drink a lot of water, take plenty of rest and drink vitamin too.

Wah dunno I’ve written so long on my mobile phone. Now I’m already at Bangkok and will enjoy my holiday! Catch up on my next post 😀


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