#NyalaUntukYuyun adalah aksi solidaritas netizen terhadap kasus pemerkosaan yang terjadi pada Yuyun

Beberapa hari ini kasus Yuyun sedang menyedot perhatian publik. Pelajar berusia 14 tahun ini tewas setelah dianiaya dan diperkosa oleh 14 pemuda di Bengkulu pada bulan April 2016 lalu. Meski kejadiannya sudah lumayan lama, namun baru beberapa hari ini kasus ini mulai muncul di media. Mengapa?

“Oh, kasus pemerkosaan lagi.. Oke. Lanjut. Kadang itu lebih menyakitkan daripada kejahatannya sendiri,” ujar Kartika Jahja, aktivis dan musisi independen di Twitter.

“Banyak yang menganggap bahwa kasus pemerkosaan ‘tidak leih penting’ daripada misalnya, kasus korupsi,” kata pemilik akun @csi_wulan di Twitter.

Berita mengungkap bahwa kasus pemerkosaan yang terjadi pada Yuyun dilakukan oleh 14 pemuda yang berusia dibawah 20 tahun. Lima diantaranya tercatat sebagai pelajar sedangkan yang lainnya sudah putus sekolah. Sebelum kejadian, para tersangka sedang berpesta tuak lalu tidak lama kemudian, korban yang baru pulang sekolah dan masih mengenakan seragam SMP lewat dan langsung dicegat oleh para tersangka. 12 tersangka sudah ditahan sedangkan 2 lainnya masih buron. Para tersangka diancam hukuman 30 tahun penjara dan dikenakan pasal berlapis.

Kasus kekerasan seksual terus meningkat

Menurut data dari Komisi Nasional Perlindungan Anak tahun 2015, tingkat kejahatan tertinggi di Indonesia masih dipegang oleh kasus kekerasan seksual. Ini tentunya sangat memprihatinkan.

Banyak pertanyaan yang kemudian muncul:

  • Mengapa bisa terjadi kasus demikian?
  • Mengapa anak dibawah umur tersebut bisa berpesta tuak dan mabuk-mabukan? Kemana orang tua mereka?

Jelas ini merupakan salah satu tugas besar pemerintah. Kasus seperti ini bisa saja terjadi karena berbagai macam hal, mungkin saja karena kurangnya didikan dari orang tua, tidak mendapatkan pendidikan formal yang layak, salah pergaulan, dll.

Tapi, diluar itu, there is one big question..

Mengapa kasus pemerkosaan terus saja terjadi?

Sebagian besar dari kita pasti tahu dan sering mendengar..

“Makanya kalau keluar jangan pakai baju yang seksi / hot pants/ rok minim…”

“Tuh makanya jangan suka pulang malam..”

“Orang tuanya pasti ga becus urus anak perempuannya..”

Itu beberapa contoh kalimat yang sering kita dengar. Masyarakat cenderung menyalahkan korban dan faktor lain yang terkait dengan korban, daripada mempertanyakan tindak kriminal pelaku. Inilah yang membuat banyak perempuan enggan melaporkan kekerasan seksual yang mereka alami. Dan sebagian besar dari mereka akan merasa malu dan cenderung menyalahkan diri sendiri, karena itulah yang sering didengar dan ditanam dalam otak kita.

It’s not fair!

Saya rasa ini sangat tidak adil ketika para perempuan selalu diajarkan untuk menjaga diri mereka sendiri namun laki-laki tidak pernah diajarkan untuk mengendalikan nafsu birahi mereka, sehingga saat kekerasan seksual terjadi, pihak yang bersalah bukanlah pelaku, namun korban. Ini sangat lucu sekaligus memprihatinkan. Do you know that perempuan yang berpakaian super tertutup saja bisa menjadi korban kekerasan seksual? Lalu ini salah siapa?

So, I think we should stop blaming the victim..

Well said..

Let’s be a Manager at Tsukada Nojo!

Rate : 9/10

OMG I’m so suapakau when I first came here! I thought I was a but late, but, better late than never right? I went to Tsukada Nojo for lunch at first, but the place hadn’t opened yet, so I went back the day after tomorrow for dinner.

I never know this place before and actually a man brought me out here for a lunch dinner date 😆 because I really love soup, like really lovee!!

We went there on Saturday and the place was really crowded. We had to wait for almost two hours, err okay, maybe because it was weekend. The impatient me was so curious about the taste of this famous beauty collagen hotpot.

Well, Tsukada Nojo is a Japanese restaurant specialty in beauty collagen stock. They are known for their Bijin Nabe (Beauty Collagen Hotpot).


Why is it called Beauty Pot?

Because you know, they said that drinking collagen soup will make you skin smooth and clean, makes you look beautiful, especially for the ladies. I bet lot of girls come here for this 😅

Taste : 9/10

The soup is stewed for about 8 hours until the chicken bones are fully dissolved. The soup looks like pudding, or I think it’s more similar to 豆花 at first, then we just need heat it to wait till it melt fully and turned to collagen soup. Soup is rich and chicken is tender. The combination of fresh seafoods and vegetables with the soup is superb nice. There are quite lots of things that you can put inside the soup; lady’s finger, yellow zucchini, watermelon radish, baby corn, yuzu, deep fried tofu, black fungus, mushrooms, fresh shrimps, deep fried tofu.


Service : 8/10

The serving staffs dressed in Kimono are all very nice and polite to us. They always assist us in cooking too.

After we finished eating, we were each handed a “business card” and asked to write our names on them. The card is given to customers and you are given a stamp with each dinner visit. First-timers will start from “Assistant Manager” level and will be “promoted” to the next management level on subsequent visit. So, don’t forget to bring your card every time you visit here. Plus, we will also be given a free dessert on each visit. How nice is it? 😋

1443937709780Tips : Try not to come on weekends on PH as it will be a very long q.

There are three outlets in Singapore:

1. #03-81 The Atrium@Orchard, 60B, Orchard Road, Singapore 238891.
Phone : +65 6336 5003

2. Chinatown Point (opened at 15th July 2013)
Address: #02-37 Chinatown Point, 133 New Bridge Road, Singapore 059413.
Phone:+65 6444 8840

3. Westgate (opened at 20th December 2013)
Address: #03-04 WestGate, 3 Gateway Drive, Singapore 608532.


Chinatown Medan – Asia Mega Mas

I’m pretty sure that almost every country in this world have “Chinatown”. Well Well.. My hometown Medan also have Chinatown leh!

So, the Chinatown Medan is located at Asia Mega Mas. Last time, this place was just housing area, but few years ago, this place has turned become a crazy crowded place, especially when weekends or holidays.

So, WHAT can you find here?


But first, it’s FOOD!


Oh yeah for you who don’t know, Medan is the second biggest city in Indonesia, located at North Sumatra and FYI, it’s very famous of the FOOD! Lots of people say that Medan is the heaven of culinary. Is it true? I let you say.

So back to Chinatown Medan, is that you can find a lot kinds of food here. Penang Kwetiao, Duck Beehon, Ayam Penyet, Sate Padang, Lok Lok, and many moreee.. And not just food, you can also find some stalls selling BKK dress, shoes, cosmetics, and some other stuffs.


What I don’t like about this place is : It’s too packed! As in, if you come on weekends, most of the times you will have difficulties to find a parking lot. And also a lot of cars / motorcycles pass by the road. So, sometimes it’s just very uncomfortable when you want to shop and at the same time, you need to watch out for the vehicles passing by. It’s nicer if they close the road for vehicles so that people will be comfortable to walk around. Just IMHO though.

You haven’t come to Medan? Oh you should! Say bye bye to your diet before coming here and make sure you visit Chinatown Medan at Asia Mega Mas. It opens from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. Confuse about how you should travel in Medan? Don’t worry. Just drop me an e-mail to wongsofenny@gmail.com and I’ll be happy to help 😀

You came to Chinatown Medan before? Then what’s your favorite food here? You can share with me 🙂


Wings of Time, Till the End of Time..

Some of you maybe dunno what’s “Wings of Time”, but have you ever heard of “Songs of the Sea?”

Songs of the Sea ended after 7 years of its journey at 4 May 2014 and 6 weeks later, exactly on 17 June 2014, the new show called “Wings of Time” was born.

Wings of Time is a spectacular night show which sets outdoors with the majestic musics. It tells the story of two teenagers – Rachel and Felix, who help a mystical pre-historic bird find its way home. So, three of them travel across beautiful landscapes and go through the mysteries of time.


In “Wings of Time”, you can see the Industrial Revolution and the Silk Road eras combined together with the robotic water fountains and.3D video mapping. The water, laser, and fire effects : all of them just give you a mesmerizing view and immersive experience.


This show is suitable for all ages. Kids and adults will love it! You can hear nice musics and songs too! Just can’t get enough of it!

Fireworks in the end at the light effect will make you keep “WOW-ing”. It’s just beautiful and awesome. Very high tech too!


Sadly, the duration of the show is only 25 minutes. I might have wanted a one hour for a show like this hahaha..

So, there’s some tips for you who wants to watch “Wings of Time”:
1. You can spend your time from morning around 10 a.m. playing and having fun at Universal Studios, then have your dinner around Sentosa area at 6 p.m. then watch “Wings of Time” at 7.40 p.m.
2. You can visit Sea Aquarium, Madam Tussauds, or 3D Trick Eye Museum, or even Casino at Sentosa just before you watch the show at night.
3. Playing on the beach is one of the good things too! Siloso Beach is just nearby the “Wings of Time” theater.

So, how to go?
Nearest MRT station : HarbourFront
Stop at the MRT station and go to level 3 Vivocity to hop in Sentosa Express, stop at the Beach Station, walk around, and you can easily find the “Wings of Time” theater.

Admission ticket :
S$18 (standard rate)
S$15 (local residents)

You can get cheaper tickets of course. I will be happy to help you. Just drop me a message at wongsofenny@gmail.com and we’ll talk from there 🙂

You can also follow my instagram at instagram.com/fennywongso for more pictures 😀


Romantic Vibe and Gorgeous View all around

It’s a bit difficult if you want to find some nice parks or calm and quiet places in Medan city. Most of the time, Medan is always crowded and noisy :p
But, if you really want to just sit and relax, spend some time with your beloved ones, there’s a place I can recommend.

It’s The Hill Hotel and Resort.

Located at Brastagi, about one hour+ drive from Medan city. It’s not really Brastagi city, it’s still Greenhill area, so not really far tho 😀

Don’t worry if you don’t stay at the hotel. You can still go inside but you have to pay Rp.100.000/ car for the entrance fee.

is the view?
1455630299976One word: Amazing. This place has nice garden with a unique concept. It also has fish pond, gazebo in the middle of the beautiful swan lake, and also a mini zoo. You can even find flamingos, kangaroo, mandarin ducks, beautiful birds, swans.. There’s also a “jungle” and you will feel like wanting to explore the place itself.

should you go with?
Anyone. This place is nice if you want to get some fresh and cool air. Just sit and relax. But I still think it’s the best to spend your time here with your partner or with your little family.

Oh, you are a photography freak?
1455630327559This is also one of the places that you should visit. Every corner is just perfect for your eyes and lens. Colorful garden, vary kinds of beautiful animals, and nice scenery everywhere! P.s : I think this is a good place to do pre-wedding photos too.

Not forget to mention that this is a good place to paktor with your partner also! hehehe. The vibe is just perfect for it. Weather is perfect at night time as you can feel the cool wind blowing around you.

So, how interested are you to visit this place?


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