Makansutra Glutton’s Bay – Singapore

Location : Raffles Ave

Rating : 5/10

Makansutra Glutton is a food centre located in Marina Bay, Singapore. It is usually crowded at night. There are quite a lot types of food there, hawker style.

I went there on January 2016 after I took a ride at Singapore Flyer. Actually I have spotted this place the day before and thought because it was quite crowded so maybe the food will be great.


1451873588520Turn out the food sucks.

I ordered Fried Kwetiao for me and Hokkian Mee for my boyfriend. I forgot which stalls I ordered from. The fried kwetiao tasted better than the hokkian mee even though both tasted bad :’

They’re just plain, like you just mix the noodle and the ingredients with no salt, no sugar, no preservatives :’))

But thankfully I also ordered some chicken wings. I saw there was quite a Q so the taste must be good (again) 😀 The chicken wing cost SGD 1.5 each. I bought three. Tasted okay if you compared to the kwetiao goreng and hokkian mee, but still not spectacular enough to make me want it more and more.

Ah, but this place is quite cheap. So if you want to eat on budget maybe this is one place to consider, *if you don’t mind the taste tho :’D

Have you visited this place? What do you think? Any good food here to make me want to visit again? 😀