Makansutra Glutton’s Bay – Singapore

Location : Raffles Ave

Rating : 5/10

Makansutra Glutton is a food centre located in Marina Bay, Singapore. It is usually crowded at night. There are quite a lot types of food there, hawker style.

I went there on January 2016 after I took a ride at Singapore Flyer. Actually I have spotted this place the day before and thought because it was quite crowded so maybe the food will be great.


1451873588520Turn out the food sucks.

I ordered Fried Kwetiao for me and Hokkian Mee for my boyfriend. I forgot which stalls I ordered from. The fried kwetiao tasted better than the hokkian mee even though both tasted bad :’

They’re just plain, like you just mix the noodle and the ingredients with no salt, no sugar, no preservatives :’))

But thankfully I also ordered some chicken wings. I saw there was quite a Q so the taste must be good (again) 😀 The chicken wing cost SGD 1.5 each. I bought three. Tasted okay if you compared to the kwetiao goreng and hokkian mee, but still not spectacular enough to make me want it more and more.

Ah, but this place is quite cheap. So if you want to eat on budget maybe this is one place to consider, *if you don’t mind the taste tho :’D

Have you visited this place? What do you think? Any good food here to make me want to visit again? 😀


Magnificent Gardens by the Bay

Location : Marina Bay, Singapore

Rate : 10/10

Nearest MRT station : Bayfront

Admission ticket : SGD 23 (Adult), SGD 15 (Child) for two conservatories – indoor gardens (Flower Dome + Cloud Forest), FREE for outdoor gardens

One word to describe this place : MAGNIFICENT!!

Flower Dome
Flower Dome

You wanna find a garden in a city? Or a city in a garden? Whatever you choose, Garden by the Bay is your perfect choice. It is a strategy made by the Singapore government to transform Singapore from a “Garden City” to “City in the Garden”.

The park is extremely popular and I think it can be the icon of Singapore already. The park itself has three gardens : Bay South, Bay East, and Bay Central. The largest is the Bay South where you can find the Flower Dome, Cloud Forest, and the Supertree Grove.

When I went there, the place is seriously crowded. Thankfully I have bought my admission tickets before so I didn’t have to join the super long Q to get the tickets.

1451749044556First time you come maybe you will feel a bit confuse coz it needs a long walk from the front entrance (Bay South) to the flower dome. But don’t worry, it’s all worth your time!

As you enter the flower dome, you can spot very many amazing views. If you’re a photo freak, this is one of the place that is MUST VISIT! You can find some different gardens inside the flower dome. Then after you have explored all the dome, you can continue to visit the Cloud Forest. Both the flower dome and cloud forest have air cond as they’re indoor gardens. Once you get inside the cloud forest, you can see the waterfall and you will feel like you’re in different world.

Waterfall at Cloud Forest
Waterfall at Cloud Forest

Then there’s the Supertree Grove. Make sure you reach there by 7.45 p.m or 8.45 p.m as it will be a music show called the OCBC Garden Rhapsody and you can see the Supertree come alive with the lights. You can just sit there, watching the show and snap lots of pictures or just enjoy the spectacular view.

This place is seriously amazing. I cannot stop “wow-ing” since I entered the place till I get out. If there’s just one place I can recommend in Singapore, Gardens by the bay will be the one.


Try to not come at daytime because it will be sunny and hot. The perfect time for you to come is around 5 p.m so you will have the time to explore the whole gardens and by 8.45 p.m you can enjoy the OCBC Garden Rhapsody.

Beware if you come at peak season because there will be a super long Q at the ticket counter. I suggest you to buy the entry ticket first so you can save your time. Don’t know how you get the ticket? You can email me through and I will help you. You will get the cheaper price of course 😉

So, what do you think about this place? Have you been here before?