Romantic Vibe and Gorgeous View all around

It’s a bit difficult if you want to find some nice parks or calm and quiet places in Medan city. Most of the time, Medan is always crowded and noisy :p
But, if you really want to just sit and relax, spend some time with your beloved ones, there’s a place I can recommend.

It’s The Hill Hotel and Resort.

Located at Brastagi, about one hour+ drive from Medan city. It’s not really Brastagi city, it’s still Greenhill area, so not really far tho 😀

Don’t worry if you don’t stay at the hotel. You can still go inside but you have to pay Rp.100.000/ car for the entrance fee.

is the view?
1455630299976One word: Amazing. This place has nice garden with a unique concept. It also has fish pond, gazebo in the middle of the beautiful swan lake, and also a mini zoo. You can even find flamingos, kangaroo, mandarin ducks, beautiful birds, swans.. There’s also a “jungle” and you will feel like wanting to explore the place itself.

should you go with?
Anyone. This place is nice if you want to get some fresh and cool air. Just sit and relax. But I still think it’s the best to spend your time here with your partner or with your little family.

Oh, you are a photography freak?
1455630327559This is also one of the places that you should visit. Every corner is just perfect for your eyes and lens. Colorful garden, vary kinds of beautiful animals, and nice scenery everywhere! P.s : I think this is a good place to do pre-wedding photos too.

Not forget to mention that this is a good place to paktor with your partner also! hehehe. The vibe is just perfect for it. Weather is perfect at night time as you can feel the cool wind blowing around you.

So, how interested are you to visit this place?


Magnificent Gardens by the Bay

Location : Marina Bay, Singapore

Rate : 10/10

Nearest MRT station : Bayfront

Admission ticket : SGD 23 (Adult), SGD 15 (Child) for two conservatories – indoor gardens (Flower Dome + Cloud Forest), FREE for outdoor gardens

One word to describe this place : MAGNIFICENT!!

Flower Dome
Flower Dome

You wanna find a garden in a city? Or a city in a garden? Whatever you choose, Garden by the Bay is your perfect choice. It is a strategy made by the Singapore government to transform Singapore from a “Garden City” to “City in the Garden”.

The park is extremely popular and I think it can be the icon of Singapore already. The park itself has three gardens : Bay South, Bay East, and Bay Central. The largest is the Bay South where you can find the Flower Dome, Cloud Forest, and the Supertree Grove.

When I went there, the place is seriously crowded. Thankfully I have bought my admission tickets before so I didn’t have to join the super long Q to get the tickets.

1451749044556First time you come maybe you will feel a bit confuse coz it needs a long walk from the front entrance (Bay South) to the flower dome. But don’t worry, it’s all worth your time!

As you enter the flower dome, you can spot very many amazing views. If you’re a photo freak, this is one of the place that is MUST VISIT! You can find some different gardens inside the flower dome. Then after you have explored all the dome, you can continue to visit the Cloud Forest. Both the flower dome and cloud forest have air cond as they’re indoor gardens. Once you get inside the cloud forest, you can see the waterfall and you will feel like you’re in different world.

Waterfall at Cloud Forest
Waterfall at Cloud Forest

Then there’s the Supertree Grove. Make sure you reach there by 7.45 p.m or 8.45 p.m as it will be a music show called the OCBC Garden Rhapsody and you can see the Supertree come alive with the lights. You can just sit there, watching the show and snap lots of pictures or just enjoy the spectacular view.

This place is seriously amazing. I cannot stop “wow-ing” since I entered the place till I get out. If there’s just one place I can recommend in Singapore, Gardens by the bay will be the one.


Try to not come at daytime because it will be sunny and hot. The perfect time for you to come is around 5 p.m so you will have the time to explore the whole gardens and by 8.45 p.m you can enjoy the OCBC Garden Rhapsody.

Beware if you come at peak season because there will be a super long Q at the ticket counter. I suggest you to buy the entry ticket first so you can save your time. Don’t know how you get the ticket? You can email me through and I will help you. You will get the cheaper price of course 😉

So, what do you think about this place? Have you been here before?


Singapore Flyer – a moving experience on every turn

Location : Raffles Avenue, Singapore

Rate : 8/10

Admission ticket : SGD 33 (adult), SGD 21 (child)

Like the tagline, “a moving experience on every turn”, yes, this giant Ferris Wheel really give you lots of experiences when you are inside the capsule.

How to get there?

The easiest way is by MRT, stop at Promenade Station (Circle Line). From there, you just need to walk around 5 minutes and you can reach Singapore Flyer.

I always have a thing for a Ferris Wheel, don’t know why but it’s always so nice to see the giant wheel moving slowly, especially when it’s nighttime when you can see the wheel turning as the sky getting darker. Okay maybe I start to sound a lil poetic here :p

So, I decided to hop inside this capsule on January 2nd, 2016. I need to Q a while to get to the capsule maybe because it’s weekend and New Year’s vibe is still on 😀

SG Flyer Boarding Pass
SG Flyer Boarding Pass

FYI, the opening hours is 8.30 a.m – 10.30 p.m. There are 28 capsules and one capsule can fit to 28 passangers in one time. You will be inside the capsule for around 30 minutes.

So, I may say night time is the best time to ride the capsule as you can see the nightview of Singapore. Maybe you think you’ll be afraid of the height, but if you really do enjoy the spectacular view, you would hardly know you were moving. From the capsule, you can see some attractive places like Merlion Park, The Fullerton Bay, Esplanade, Singapore River, Marina Bay Sands, The Helix Bridge, Youth Olympic Park, F1 Circuit, and many more. The view is stunning, amazing, and breathtaking.

View from the top
View from the top

You can ride the capsule with your family, friends, but the best is with your partner of course. When you’re inside the capsule, you can feel the romantic vibe all around you. And there’s a myth saying that if you both kiss when the capsule reach the top, both you and your partner will live happily forever. Haha I know it may sounds cliché, but there’s no harm trying :p

You can also get your own capsule and get a premium sky dining with your partner. It’s also a good place to celebrate your anniversary or to propose your girlfriend.

Anyway, if you need to buy the admission ticket first, of course with the cheaper price, you can contact me through my e-mail :

So, what’s your experience being on Singapore Flyer? 😀